Jordana Bragg, Super Sin Inaction (2018)

From falling in love, through to processing grief and trauma the Audio-Visual Poem “Super Sin Inaction”, (2018) references the guilt and fear produced by any situation causing an inability to maintain ‘productivity’ or concentration under capitalism.

Audio extract – “But you must be rich in something. Love down low is nowhere to be. I want to fly you to Saturn and make you the queen. Build you a pedestal where the burden of being never touched you”.

Currently based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa New Zealand, contemporary artist Jordana Bragg holds a BFA (first class hons), is co-founder of the Artist Run Initiatives MEANWHILE and Friends are Artists / Freunde sind Künstler (Leipzig, Germany). Follow link to view further information, past works and full exhibition history.