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Sister exhibits a range of contemporary artwork from South Australia, interstate and overseas, in exhibition and events, online and through publication. In doing so we tap into the current themes and issues that compel our next generation of artists, digesting Australian art within the context of our rapidly changing, networked world. Our public program is responsive and has included artist talks, discussion groups, film screenings, workshops, performances, lectures and an expanded catwalk through Bowden’s backstreets.

Existing within a space of highly competitive rounds for limited funding and unstable short-term leases, precarity and unknowns are a constant for artists and artist-run organisations. This climate demands resilience and flexibility, which is why we continue to expand our programming into alternative models, such as Sister Online, one-night events and off-site projects, such as Greater Union for HoBiennale 2017. We are interested in the way artists are shifting into unexplored terrains to adapt to our current climate; transforming their methods of making and modes of presentation materially, ideologically, politically and technologically.

Sister functions as an experimental educational environment for our Co-Directors, volunteers and exhibiting artists. Sisters’ model of operation strongly promotes collaborative ways of working  in working with artists and management of the gallery. We are focused on providing extensive support, curatorial and installation assistance to all exhibiting artists. We want to maintain this ethos as we continue to learn from and adapt to our community’s needs.  As a volunteer-run organisation, community and collaboration are a practical necessity but also an incredible strength. Sister as a community utilises many different talents which we share with each other. We welcome those committed to the arts to join us, we would love to learn with you.

Co-Directors: Mia van den Bos, Grace Marlow, Kate O’Boyle, Alex Degaris, Yusuf Hayat & Rhen Soggee.

Gallery Assistants: Jon Santos, Matthew Smith, Sophie Corso, Annika Burnside, Cecilia Tizard, Maryam Allami, Jemma van den Bos, Vlad Kaleynik, Alex Sutcliffe, Marni Shanks, Soon Trần, Ursula Halpin, Greta Wyatt, Chelsea Farquhar, Jessica Peroni, Helen Maysey, Rosie Brennan & Drew Martin.

Past Co-Directors: Ashleigh D’Antonio, Alycia Bennett