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Interplanetary Flirtation Device

Chloe Langford (BERLIN/SA)

Gallery 1
13/4/18 - 11/5/18

The Interplanetary Flirtation Device is a two-way telecommunication system designed for communicating with extra-terrestrial beings. In order to contact alien life-forms, human users are required to send messages according to an experimental haptic stimulation protocol.

During the course of the Interplanetary Flirtation Device's residency in Sister, responses received from alien life-forms will be translated into the English language and printed in Gallery 1.

Chloê Langford is an artist and programmer who is thinking about snails and stomachs, oranges and cloves, sticky tape and dirty fingers, shells and pools of saliva. She has studied Visual Arts at SASA (UniSA), and Media & Computer Science at HTW Berlin. http://co-o-rdinat.es

Images by Alycia Bennett and Mia van den Bos.