Dominic Byrne (NSW), I Will Be a Free Man and I Will Live As No Other (2018)

Single channel video, 1 min 14 sec, 2018.

‘I WILL BE A FREE MAN AND I WILL LIVE AS NO OTHER’ is a compilation video comprised of U.S. citizens exercising their rights to film law enforcement officials in contexts such as immigration stops, police breath tests and traffic violations. The footage has been compiled from YouTube videos posted by users affiliated with libertarian civil rights online communities; the content linked by open declarations of legal phrases, amateur filming techniques and excessive length time.

All footage compiled from YouTube including “Top DHS Checkpoint Refusals, Sheesh- Cop Loses It On Man Who Knows His Rights During A Road Side Safety Check! (Video) HD”, “Talking with a cop, who changed his attitude quickly”, “It’s not illegal to record the Police, Officer!!!”, “Traffic Cop Opens My Car Door”, “Shock Video- Cop Protects First Amendment”, “Weird Police Activity Moline”, ”Cop Pepper Sprays Man for Flipping Him Off”, “COP GETTING OWNED (COMPILATION 2014)”, “Cop Assaults ME For Filming”, “Cop lies his ass off”, “? FILMING A POLICE OFFICER is LEGAL An uber driver happens to be also a Lawyer tells Police Officer”, “AM I BEING DETAINED! Cop Baiters Get OWNED Compilation   Part 2 2017”, “AM I BEING DETAINED! Cop Baiters Get OWNED Compilation   Part 3 2017-2”, “AM I BEING DETAINED! Cop Baiters Get OWNED Compilation   Part 3 2017-3”, “Arvada Colorado Police Department dislikes anonymous photography 1 of 3-2”, “Baltimore lady cop is taught the law ID refusal 1st amendment accountability audit Perry Hall MD”, “California teacher refuses to answer question at checkpoint detained-2”, “cops caught breaking the law on the highway”, “Illegal Stop and I.D. Refusal   Appleton Police WI”, “Instant karma fails – POLICE EDITION – Compilation 2018 2-2”, “Its NOT Illegal to Film Cops. RESIST ILLEGAL ORDERS- EXERT YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS”, “Photography Is Not Confusing-2”, “Police Gets Mad After She Find Out Man She Pulled Over Knows His Rights?”, “Sovereign Citizen Idiots Owned Compilation 2018 2”, “Illegal Stop By UNCPD’s Officer Boone”, “Sergeant Reyes And His Lieutenant Harass Photographer For Filming Police Station”, “Rude lying corrupt Montgomery county sheriff”, “Cops Getting Owned by driver TYRANT ALERT!!!!!!!”, “Attempted Insurance Fraud / Assaulted by Cop / Dash Cam saves the day!”, “Man OWNS Linn Valley (KS) Cop During Traffic Stop; Inspires New CopBlock Flyer!”.