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Get Some

Georgia Banks (VIC)

22 September – 20 October 2017

According to Melbourne based performance artist Georgia Banks, 100% of still life’s painted by dead white guys are of food or nude women* *Please note this is not a true statistic. But it feels about right

Get Some employs a critical humour to explore the complex relationship between food, sex, and feminism. A playful and coy engagement with gendered food products, such as sausages and meat patties, allows Banks to confront and dissect the casual misogyny of everyday life. ‘Get Some’ questions the role of women in both the contemporary art world and on a whole; one where women have been relegated the role of a piece of meat, a consumable product, a bowl of fruit.

Georgia Banks is a Melbourne based performance artist whose work is predominantly concerned with the relationship between performance art, the document, and reenactment. Banks uses reenactment as a means to explore female subjectivity, entering and often subverting a pre-existing dialogue surrounding gender. Georgia completed her MFA at Victoria College of the Arts in 2015, for which she was awarded the National Gallery of Victoria Women's Association Award. She has exhibited extensively across Australia, with recent exhibitions at FELTspace, Kings Artist Run, and Testing Grounds.

Georgia Banks presented her performative artist talk Food Descending Staircase on October 20 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Images courtesy of artist.