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Nathan Peacock

27 October – 24 November 2017

Considering the poetic potential of objects, corridor explores the provocative qualities of things: to speak of themselves, their histories and their relationship to society. The exhibition seeks to question the traditional notion of making, utilising found materials and a practice of spatial arrangement to compose the works. In doing so, the aim is not to make a statement, but rather to embrace the everyday. Instead of a body of work made to the ends of meaning making, corridor posits the need to understand secondary in favour of the ambiguous.

Nathan Peacock is an emerging multidisciplinary artist currently working in sculpture and installation exploring the everyday and the poetic potential of objects. They are currently completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the School of Art Architecture and Design at UniSA, and has exhibited in several group shows; recently No Werds at Fontanelle Gallery (Port Adelaide).

Images by Christopher Arblaster