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Stephen Roedel

17 June – 8 July 2017

Interference is an exhibition designed to occupy the space between the digital artifact and the cultural artefact. The exhibition is comprised of a large series of paintings, a small series of paintings and a collaborative video work. Based upon an interpretation of the materiality of the digital as a carrier of absence and presence through a code of zero and one, the works explore the milieu that exists between absolutes; a space that is best described as noisy, rich with information and the capacity for change. They constitute a personal response to the impersonality of cultural trans - coding, the phenomena by which computers and culture are said to exert influence on each other. Changes in Mass culture and individual perception using this model could be likened to a series of updates, shifting with each new device, and with each generation, becoming more attuned to the rhythm's and surfaces of electronic space.

Stephen Roedel is a recent graduate of the University of South Australia Honours program and is a recipient of the John Christie Wright Memorial Prize for painting. Roedel's paintings are a way of realising the same sort of spaces created in his work as a sound designer working on projects ranging from interdisciplinary collaborations and installations to commissions for video works. His work as collaborator has been selected in several Art and Film festivals, most recently at the 2016 ReThink Digital Art Festival in Rethymnos, Crete.

Images by Emma Northey.