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In the Garden

Gilbert Kemp Attrill

18 February – 11 March 2017

In the Garden is a 360° video work which explores intimacy, proximity and our perception of space. Displayed on a VR headset, this immersive installation features music by Lauren Abineri, sound design by Carlos Manrique and lighting by Sam Steinle.

In the Garden is supported by Novus Res.

Gilbert Kemp Attrill is an emerging Adelaide-based filmmaker. Their work includes Meteor, a short film which premiered at the Feast Festival in 2015 and recently had its television premiere on ABC2; Labyrinth, a video installation using Google Cube technology and supported by the Fringe Festival (created with Claire Marsh); and the forthcoming Golden Mask, based on a short story by Arthur Machen.

Images by Christopher Arblaster.