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Concrete Feet

Caspar Connolly & Jasper Jordan-Lang (VIC)

2 February - 2 March 2018

The exhibition will consist of the work of two artists, Caspar Connolly and Jasper Jordan-Lang, both of whom work within the loose definition of psycho-geography in conjunction with a new materialist approach to making. Taking cues from subjective psychological experience within the built environment, Concrete feet uses the construction site as a point of departure for a psychosomatic investigation into the metropolis as a mental space.

Concrete feet will engage dialogue with the built environment, reflecting the particularities of the artists’ individual aesthetic and emotional experiences in relation to the state of constant construction within the city. Both artists rely strongly on the act of walking for their practices, centring it as a way of navigating their relationship with constructed environments. Walking becomes a way of understanding the city through a documentation process idiosyncratic to each artist’s practice.

The repositioning of the artworks themselves as a site of construction is one which reflects both artist’s respective ethos’ and acts a referential framing device. Both Caspar and Jasper’s individual work engages a process of transformation in which a personal connection with a place/object is materialised through tactile processes, manipulating and abstracting their materialities to reflect each artist’s interpretation of the subject’s ‘thingness’.

As part of the show, and for those who are interested, we will be hosting a walking workshop which will focus on the idea of \'walking while walking to work\' which will take place the day after the opening.

Images courtesy of the artists.

WALKING WORKSHOP: CONCRETE FEET. Saturday the 3rd of February.